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Water mills

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Water mills are typical industrial monuments of Zitny ostrov (Rye Island), which have been in operation at Big and Small Danube.

Dunajsky Klátov
The water mill in Dunajský Klátov is the only cultural technical monument in the district of Dunajská Streda and it is one of the last surviving water mills of Žitný Ostrov (Rye Island).
The mill is located in beautiful natural surroundings, which is since 1993 a national nature reservation. This is a relatively rare type of mill with a six meter mill wheel radius. The mill has three floors and there is a permanent exhibition with original equipment. The mill received it's present form after the reconstruction in 1920. The last owner of the mill was Michael Cséfalvay and the mill was last used in the middle of the 20th century.

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The boat mill in Kolárovo is situated near Small Danube and it is a part of folk architecture in that area. It is a copy of the original mill built in 1920. Mill was newly built in 1983 in the former Slovak shipyard in Komárno. Currently, the building of the mill is used as a museum. Visitors can aproach the mil through a unique wood, 86 m long bridge. The area of the mill is a popular place for boaters, bikers, artists and nature lovers. It hosts various cultural and social events, concerts, camps, meetings, competitions and sporting events. Annually, hundreds of people came here from Slovakia but also from abroad.

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